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Check out "Estimated Charges",
our new iTunes Exclusive EP!
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+ Free song download -- Take a Drive -- from the FOBs!
"Take a Drive" by the Flying Other Brothers, written by Tony Bove and Bert Keely, was recorded at Village Recorders in Santa Monica on Aug. 5-7, 2006, with T Bone Burnett at the controls, in preparation for a studio album that has not yet been released. Published by Fobros Music Publishing (ASCAP). Produced by T Bone Burnett, Roger McNamee, and the Flying Other Brothers. Download this tune now!
+ New podcast episode of music from the FOBs!
TBone Outtakes Remakes and Rare Breaks, hosted by Tony Bove and Rockument, includes a studio recording produced by T Bone Burnett and live gems from past shows featuring G.E. Smith, Country Joe, and Bob Weir. In some ways it is a career rectrospective, highlighting band configurations going back to 2002, and featuring some of our favorite special guests. Song list:

1. Take a Drive - studio outtake (T. Bove, B. Keely) produced by T Bone Burnett
2. Let's Get Together (Powers) with G.E. Smith
3. Ohio (Young) with G.E. Smith
4. Sugaree (Garcia, Hunter) with G.E. Smith
5. King Harvest (J.R. Robertson) with G.E. Smith
6. Rockin' Around the World (McDonald) with Country Joe
7. Playing in the Band-Other Miles Jam (Weir, Hunter, FOBs) with Bob Weir
8. The Main Ten-Uncle John's Reprise-Playing in the Band Reprise (Hart, Weir, Hunter, Garcia) with Bob Weir

Read about and download this free podcast now!
+ Flight Log
Check out the history of the Flying Other Brothers in Flight Log.
+ Moonalice Hits The Road
Some breaking news on another front – a bunch of us have formed a new band, Moonalice. The players are: G.E. Smith, Barry Sless, Pete, Sears, Ann McNamee, Jim Sanchez, and Roger McNamee. Moonalice will play its own music, an intoxicating brew of roots, blues, psychedelia, and strange but kind folk, including both originals and covers.

Visit our website at moonaliceband.com for more tour details and updates and to sign up for our mailing list. As soon as we record some music, we'll put it up on the site.

+ New iTunes Exclusive EP!

The band is taking some time off from performing, but not from releasing recorded music!! We now have our first recordings on iTunes!

We recorded seven songs for an iTunes Exclusive EP called “Estimated Charges”.

The songs were recorded live in a studio in San Francisco, with vocal overdubs. We’re really excited about these recordings, which include both new material and old favorites.

o Wise Man
o Take Me With You
o Blink of an Eye
o Kick It Open
o Slow Dance
o Nick of Time > Devil’s Kitchen

These are the first recordings we have released of Blink and Slow Dance. The performance of Nick > Devil’s is 20 minutes – very live – and it is only available when you buy the whole album for $5.99. The album also comes with a digital booklet filled with lyrics, chords, and lots of cool photos. So, head over to the iTunes store and check it out, or just click here.